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REBOOT Evaluation Partner

REBOOT is an early intervention youth programme in Sussex. REBOOT's overall aim is to improve the life skills and wellbeing of young people and develop prosocial peer and community relationships, to prevent them from becoming the victim or perpetrator of serious violence, or being drawn into a life of criminality through exploitation. It is a strengths based programme which builds on the positive and protective factors in the young person's life. Evaluation is needed so as to build on the successes of, and refine the programme accordingly. Independent evaluation is also critical in securing future funding for the sustainability of the programme, and providing robust evidence of change. Evaluation will look to find evidence that the programme provides benefits for children that are measurable, sustainable and meaningful.


Lola Hale
Sackville House, Brooks Close

Contract value: 15000-25000

Published: 29 Jul 2020, Receipt by: 24 Aug 2020