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8053 Review of Historic England Grants Delivery

Our Grant Schemes are an essential part of our work to protect the nation's heritage. The last review of Historic England (HE) grant giving was undertaken as part of the recent Change Programme with a direction of travel for grant administration approved by Executive Team in order to help determine the organisations structure. This created a central Grants Team in the Business Improvement Group, alongside continued local grant management in the six Regional Teams. The aim of this structure is to deliver a more consistent approach to grant giving, a more flexible approach to budget management/spend between HE schemes and a better experience for applicants. The aim of this project is to provide HE with a clearer understanding of its grant giving process across all grants streams and schemes, including the High Streets Heritage Action Zones (HSHAZ) scheme and our professional advice and consultancy budgets. It will summarise our grant giving, benchmark our administration to other grant givers funded from the public purse, and make a preliminary assessment of the efficacy of the HE grants delivery and administration processes. It will consider whether it remains fit for purpose, reflects our ambition to develop a more inclusive sector, make recommendations for change (if necessary), and inform a grants delivery improvement strategy supporting reform of HE grants delivery and ensuring the organisation remains successful in its mission to provide public value. Please note references to the Tailored Review in this brief - this is in draft and confidential the Review has not been released.


Charlie Garratt
The Engine House
Firefly Avenue
United Kingdom

Contract value: 25000-35000

Published: 29 Jul 2020, Receipt by: 19 Aug 2020