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SOL - Strategic Environment Contract

1.1 The services under the Contract will include: waste collection and recycling services, waste transfer station management and operations, management and operation of an household waste recycling centre, management and operation of depot (s), cleansing services, grounds maintenance services, arboriculture and forestry services cemeteries and crematoria services. The Authority wishes to test two service delivery options and some services will be included as a provisional item, to be confirmed during the procurement. The Authority intends to make site(s) available for the provision of the services. 1.2 The Authority requires delivery of the following key strategic outcomes: (a) Strategic Outcome 1: The contractor delivers services that make Solihull healthier, greener, safer and prosperous through growth that creates opportunities for all. The contract: (i) improves the way Solihull looks and feels; (ii) makes Solihull a cleaner and tidier place; and (iii) makes people feel better about their surroundings. (b) Strategic Outcome 2: The contractor makes a positive impact on social, environmental and economic sustainability. (c) Strategic Outcome 3: The contract delivers maximum value for money for the cost of the services and achieves the Authority's outcome of enhancing its financial position. (d) Strategic Outcome 4: The parties work together and share their respective responsibilities to implement the waste hierarchy. The contractor delivers solutions to help the Authority continuously reduce waste and increase the recycling and composting performance. Key performance indicators are set to monitor and report performance. These actions contribute positively to work towards the achievement of the recycling targets set out in the local plans and Government targets. (e) Strategic Outcome 5: Technological change is embraced throughout the contract and opportunities offered by rapid technological advancements are harnessed. (f) Strategic Outcome 6: The contractor works in partnership with the Authority to deliver against relevant outcomes in their strategic plans. 1.3 The Authority will implement the procurement procedure in successive stages -further information is set out in the procurement documents. It is intended that the procurement will be a streamlined competitive dialogue. Broadly to express interest economic operators must complete and return responses to the selection questionnaire (SQ) in accordance with the instructions set out in the procurement documentation. The Authority's needs and requirements for the contract are included in the procurement documents published with this notice. This procurement is undertaken pursuant to the competitive dialogue procedure using an electronic tendering system. Economic operators will need to register on the portal in order to participate and the registration is free. All documentation is available from and all communication is to be conducted via the portal a...


Tim Robbins
Manor Square
B91 3QB
United Kingdom
0121 704 6578

Contract value: 260000000-310000000

Published: 29 Jul 2020, Receipt by: 28 Aug 2020