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804/2019 Parking ICT Case Management System & ANPR Cameras Procurement

Croydon is procuring a back office parking administration IT system and a network of ANPR cameras. This procurement is for a direct replacement of an existing back office ICT system and for the supply and support of ANPR cameras to issue and process Penalty Charge Notices. The replacement of the current parking ICT system presents the service the opportunity to make improvements in the areas of • Usability and efficiency • Automation • Customer experience and contact • Compliance with audit requirements in relation to permit payment reconciliation There are 2 Lots: • Lot 1 - Reprocurement of the Parking ICT case management system (Back Office System) • Lot 2 - Supply, installation, support and maintenance of new ANPR cameras and camera management system as required throughout the life of the contract. The support and maintenance of existing ANPR cameras. Contract length is anticipated to be 10 years for both Lots. The back office systems will be remotely hosted: in line with the Croydon Digital strategy adopting Cloud first. We are seeking to take advantage of potential efficiencies and new functionality that may now exist or is currently being developed and a long contract term is being sought, in order to provide stability and to form a long term relationship with suppliers. We want a system that will enable the processing and issue of Parking Dispensations, Suspensions and the collection of payments, which is currently a manual process that takes place outside of the back office system. A drive to manage the environmental impact of vehicular traffic in the borough, means that the introduction of emissions based permits and diesel surcharging occurred in 2019 / 2020 is also part of requirements. Examples of new functionality we require include emissions based permits, diesel surcharging, improved customer payment systems, issuing of and payment for parking dispensations through the back office system and associated web interfaces. Self-service by customers when changing vehicles associated with permits and the ability to assign and track pay and display machine faults and repairs. More robust data available to Civil Enforcement Officers, to enable them to confidently issue PCNs knowing that a check with the database of paid for parking sessions has taken place. In the future, we are exploring the ability to issue virtual permits, removing the need for paper permit printing and enabling a permit to be issued, updated or cancelled in real time - improving the customer experience.


Cathryn Belletty
Bernard Weatherill House
8 Mint Walk
United Kingdom
+44 2084071318

Contract value: 10500000-10500000

Published: 29 Jul 2020, Receipt by: 1 Sep 2020