Public Sector Network Tender Alert


02357-2020 5G Enabled Road Sensing Project

The supplier will be required to, in a collaborative manner, design, supply, install and deliver the required 5G road network sensors (estimated to be around 280 sensors across the KRN, although WMCA reserves the right to amend the quantity at a later date within the parameters of the tender submission) in order to unlock new data driven capabilities which can enable better outcomes for economic, environmental and societal policy agendas, including unlocking potential new mobility business models and services which rely on accurate network intelligence. Such works/services provided by the supplier shall be required to (a) provide the opportunity to test new capabilities provided through 5G communications, in particular benefits resulting from increased reliability, speed and low latency in the sharing of data in comparison with traditional fibre network, MESH technology; and 4G communications; (b) be secure; (c) be operationally robust and efficient; (d) be future proofed with both 5G and transport networks in mind; and (e) be as cost effective as possible . This will inform future investment decisions as well as helping 'pull' the faster deployment of commercial 5G across the region - so providing a significant set of wider benefits for other potential users of 5G communications within the vicinity of the KRN. WMCA is procuring a supplier through an Competitive Procedure with Negotiation Process pursuant to Regulation 29 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 to design, supply, install and deliver the required testbed infrastructure in conjunction with Transport for West Midlands and West Midlands 5G. WMCA reserve the right to enter into a contract with a supplier on completion of the Invitation to Submit a Detailed Tender (ISDT) stage, should the tender submission meet or exceed the WMCA's requirements. Please note, the deadline to respond to the Selection Questionnaire (SQ) is Friday 17th August 2020 @ 17:00 pm Further instructions on how to respond can be found within the attachments section of this notice.

16 Summer Lane
B19 3SD

Contract value: 3000000

Published: 16 Jul 2020, Receipt by: 17 Aug 2020