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Procurement of Ceremonial Ammunition

Defence General Munitions have an upcoming requirement for the procurement of a suite of Ceremonial Ammunition. The Authority intends to run a Competition for this suite of ammunition. This shall consist of 3 Pounder, 13 Pounder (4oz, 8oz and 1lb variants) and 105mm blank rounds. These Natures are required for continued use at ceremonial firings on special occasions and at public events. They are fired from the 3 Pounder Naval Gun, the Quick Firing 13 Pounder Field Gun and the electrically initiated L118 105mm Light Gun. The Authority requires a quantity of 80 rounds of each of the 3 Pounder, 13 Pounder (1lb variant) and 105mm for Qualification purposes, to be delivered by no later than March 2021. On successful Qualification of the ammunition, the Authority anticipates a procurement of the following estimated quantities of ammunition: - 3 Pounder - Qty 1464 in Financial Year (FY) 21/22, Qty 216 in FY 22/23 and Qty 216 FY 23/24 - 13 Pounder (4oz) - Qty 0 in FY21/22, Qty 0 in FY 22/23 and Qty 96 FY 23/24 - 13 Pounder (8oz) - Qty 300 in FY21/22, Qty 264 in FY 22/23 and Qty 300 FY 23/24 - 13 Pounder (1lb) - Qty 0 in FY21/22, Qty 0 in FY 22/23 and Qty 192 FY 23/24 - 105mm - Qty 2634 in FY21/22, Qty 2634 in FY 22/23 and 2634 FY 23/24 Please note, these quantities are indicative and may be subject to change. The Contract is scheduled to be awarded no later than Quarter 4 of calendar year 2020. The Contract has an anticipated duration of 3 firm years with banded quantity options to enable the Authority to procure additional quantities of ammunition. There will also be an option for 2 additional years. An option for the Qualification of the ammunition to ensure safety and suitability for service will also be included.

#4115, Fir 1b
BS34 8JH

Contract value: 2000000-4000000

Published: 17 Jul 2020, Receipt by: 10 Aug 2020