Public Sector Network Tender Alert


Supply and installation of Electronic Security Equipment across the Parliamentary Estate

The Authority is looking to engage two contractors over a maximum term of 6 years (initially a 4 year term with potentially two 12 month extensions). Once appointed onto the framework, mini-competitions or direct awards will be issued based on the NEC3 or NEC4 suite of contracts. An invitation to tender (ITT) will be issued providing full details of the framework. In accordance with regulations 15(2)(a), 21(3) and 53(4) Public Contracts Regulations 2015 the procurement and performance of the contract must be accompanied by special security and confidentiality measures in accordance with administrative provisions in force by the Authority aimed at protecting the confidential nature of information. The procurement will be by a three-stage process: • Stage 1 Suitability Assessment: The Authority will issue a Suitability Questionnaire (SQ) and other reference documents on 18 August 2020 to assess the suitability of the applicants that have expressed interest by registering PPCS In-Tend e-procurement site. Other documents will be made available to applicants for completion at this stage and relate primarily to the special security and confidentiality measures. The completed SQ together with the HMG Baseline Personal Security Clearance (for the key staff likely to be handling the tender documents) and Non-Disclosure Agreement Forms should be returned by 01 September 2020 at 12:00. Therefore, applicants are encouraged to register their interest on or before 17 August 2020 to ensure that they have sufficient time to respond to the SQ. The assessment of the SQ is estimated to commence on 02 September 2020 and be completed by 15 September 2020 ; • Stage 2 Application of special security (security clearance) and confidentiality measures: Those suppliers that have passed the suitability assessment and provided an executed Non-Disclosure Agreement will be required to obtain HMG Baseline Personal Security Clearance (for their key staff handling the tender documents) prior to being able to access the tender documents (only suppliers whose staff have passed the HMG Baseline Personal Security Clearance will be able to access tender documents). ; • Stage 3 Invitation to Tender: The target date for tender documents to be issued is 20 October 2020 following the Stage 2 security & confidentiality clearance process. Those suppliers that pass the SQ and can demonstrate that they can meet the special security measures (as may be updated or amended, from time to time, to meet new security requirements) applicable at this stage of the procurement will receive the tender documentation. The closing date for the tender submission is estimated to be 19 November 2020.


Richard Spear
UK Parliament

Contract value: 22000000-25000000

Published: 17 Jul 2020, Receipt by: 18 Aug 2020