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Provision of Economic Impact Assessment for Falmouth University

Falmouth University requires the services of a consultant to undertake a new piece of work to assess its impact on the economy of Cornwall. The successful tenderer will demonstrate the proposed methodology for quantifying Falmouth University and relevant FX Plus activity's impact on the local economy, using measures including but not limited to: • The economic activity directly generated by Falmouth University and associated FX Plus activity. • The activity supported by the University's staff and those employed in its direct supply chain. • The employment and activity that is supported through the university's supply chain, as a result of its purchasing of goods and services from local suppliers. • The wider benefits of the university's activities, including: o Local spending by Falmouth Univeristy's students and those that visit them o Capital expenditure undertaken by the University and FX Plus o Student and staff consultancy activity o IP income generated by the University o Economic activity generated by the University's graduate spin-off companies, staff start-ups, business support, knowledge exchange/transfer activities, including the impact on human capital. • Although the focus for this economic impact assessment is to measure the University's impact on the local economy, Falmouth has expanded its online course provision and is increasingly working with national partners to develop and enhance its offer to students. The successful tenderer is therefore expected to provide a high-level assessment of the University's economic impact at a national level.


Elisia Irving
Penryn Campus

Contract value: 25000-30000

Published: 21 Jul 2020, Receipt by: 21 Aug 2020