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Archaeology Framework

Highways England has highlighted the need for an archaeology framework with technically competent, capacity enabled suppliers, in order to provide a consistent route across programmes/ directorates, drive savings and build direct relationships with suppliers. The Framework will be enabled for use by Highways England other Contractors The Framework will be composed of 6 lots. Suppliers may be awarded up to a maximum of two lots from lots 1a, 2a and 3a. Work Orders will be undertaken through lots 1a, 2a,and 3a with values based on individual Schemes within each lot. Lot 1a: up to £2 Million Lot 2a: from £2 Million - up to £5 Million Lot 3a: > £5 Million Time Charge Orders will be undertaken through lots 1b, 2b and 3b . The scope of the services and works that will be delivered under the Framework will cover 6 stages: Stage 1: The provision of general early-stage, desk-based advice on the production and costing of deliverables and interventions to inform a submission. Stage 2: Includes the provision of detailed assessment from the framework suppliers. This would cover the range of skill sets not normally found 'in-house' within the Client's design-consultancy providers. Stage 3: Detailed design and implementation of investigations. The framework suppliers supply non-intrusive and intrusive archaeological investigations as appropriate, at the direction of the Client . Stage 4: Mitigation measures including - avoidance, preservation by burial, or investigation in the case of archaeological remains, - relocation, photographic or drawn to scale surveys in the case of historic buildings, - recording, information panels or landscape works in the case of impacts on historic landscapes and - reduction to impact on setting through screening or landscaping. Stage 5: Archaeological mitigation for on-site works - preservation of archaeological sites in situ (some may require small scale investigation) and - archaeological recording of assets to be removed by the Package Contract. Stage 6: Archaeological mitigation programme for off-site works - preliminary processing of excavated material and data, - post-fieldwork assessment, - analysis and publication and - public archaeology and community engagement. Where archaeological remains are to be preserved in situ the archaeological Supplier may be required to undertake or monitor other suppliers' activities. The contract start and end dates are indicative and subject to change. Highways England reserves the right to transfer any unallocated value between lots to fund additional schemes.

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Published: 13 Jul 2020, Receipt by: 18 Aug 2020