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Sub-Micron Bonder

The Compound Semiconductor Applications (CSA) Catapult is creating a modular, flexible, accelerated prototype package assembly and test facility for RF, Photonics, and Power compound semiconductor devices, modules and systems. The facility enables research, proof of concept and provides capability to demonstrate feasibility and undertake small volume prototype builds. As part of the package assembly research and development methodology we require a machine to perform sub-micron die placement for several growth areas in compound semiconductor packaging. This machine shall be capable of handling very small die in applications where their precision placement is a high priority; typical examples of this are micro LED's, laser diode assembly, micro optics assembly, VCSEL, photo diode arrays, III-V semiconductor die attachment to ROIC (hybridisation) and image sensor assembly. This shall also support future technology growth areas in packaging such as 2.5D and 3D IC packaging, multi-chip modules, flex on board and chip on glass. Capability to have optional upgrades, such as integration of active alignment for photonics device assembly would be advantageous. The equipment shall be flexible and have several technologies available to mount die onto a substrate: dispensing, sintering, thermocompression bonding UV curing and ultrasonic bonding. Other process modules to support die placement and processing would include die heating and substrate heating, a process gas module for applications like formic acid etching for low temperature bumping, mechanical handling of parts and a module to support high bonding forces. The manufacturer/authorised vendor shall install the system at the Innovation Centre, CSA Catapult, within the Advanced Packaging Laboratory, which will be equipped with access to all power and services for full installation and operation and be used to support contract research and development or commercial opportunities within the UK. The manufacturer/authorised vendor is also responsible for providing necessary training, warranty and service/maintenance support The system architecture is expected to be a standalone machine with a number of modules and tool options to allow the micro assembly of die with a sub-micron placement accuracy. The system shall provide user-controlled interface for the assembly of die into devices for RF, Photonics and Power packaging. The system should have capability to be used for both prototype device and low volume production quantities. The system shall be easy to configure and change for the user to allow different processes. A system solution is required that is flexible and upgradeable in the future. Additional module options can then be purchased based on changing industry trends or specific requirements from customers or partners for technology development. The system should also include user software, installation, and training.

Celtic Way
Imperial Park

Contract value: 350000-450000

Published: 14 Jul 2020, Receipt by: 13 Aug 2020