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Provision of a Cleaning and Wiping Service for all Properties owned and managed by Six Town Housing

Six Town Housing (STH) is an Arm's length management organisation (ALMO) with over 8000 customers. It manages housing on behalf of Bury Council and owns properties as a result of empty homes and mortgage rescue activity. It also manages other properties on behalf of other landlords. Its role includes delivering a range of services, often in partnership. These help manage and improve neighbourhoods, support vulnerable people at all stages of their lives and assist Bury Council to discharge its legal obligations to those who need housing. STH currently experience approx.700 empty homes per year, although this can vary. The rapid turnaround of these properties is essential in order to maximise income to the business, provide homes to customers as quickly as possible and to sustain neighbourhoods in terms of appearance. The role of the contractor in meeting this specification will be to ensure that cleaning of properties both internally and externally is completed as quickly as possible and to a high standard. The overall aim is providing high quality homes and sustainable neighbourhoods. Ad hoc cleaning at tenanted properties will also be required as part of this specification. The voids repair team sit within the repairs and maintenance section and also work with in house colleagues to deliver internal upgrades such as kitchens and bathrooms. Properties are prepared for incoming customers to a published standard and made available at the earliest opportunity to ensure properties are signed up quickly and rent loss kept to a minimum. The services include but are not limited to: a. clean and wipe to specified details issued by the Authorising Officer b. pre-cleaning properties prior to STH undertaking work c. carpet cleans - vacuuming only The successful bidder will, on occasion, also be asked to: a. deliver similar services as those listed above to tenanted properties b. the removal and disposal of items from properties managed by Six Town Housing c. Specialist deep cleaning to dwellings, garages, land and possessions as directed. All work shall be undertaken in such a way so as to leave the whole of each site in a clean, well maintained and safe condition.


Russell Starkie
Town Hall
Knowsley Street
United Kingdom
+44 1612535583

Contract value: 200000-200000

Published: 15 Jul 2020, Receipt by: 28 Aug 2020