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Provision of a Command Incident Support Unit Software

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Authority is seeking expressions of interest in the provision of a Command Incident Support Unit software package. The software would need to be compatible with our new Panasonic CF33 Mobile Data Terminals ('MDT') running windows 10 over 4G. Currently on the MDTs we are running the Airbus software "Safecommand" which we also run on our front mobilising MDT as well. The Authority is not looking to replace the mobilising software but instead is only focusing on the command support function and incident management as detailed below: Key Authority Requirements: - Configurable report for hot debriefs and also hand over for incident command. (iimarch format used) - Configurable report which can export all information for review. Link the report exports to Sphera cloud and BIT (Business Information) - Report for Med 22A referral report. Trim report. If not in to the system a way of exporting names possibly exposed so that things can then be inputted. - Occupational health referral reports for asbestos incidents, radiation and other toxic exposure forms for record. If not in to the system a way of exporting names possibly exposed so that things can then be inputted. - Automated report sent to dlists when certain criteria are meet. This would be customisable for different reports and different dlists. - Ability for Fire investigation to review the incident to aid with reports and investigation.(separate log in where MDT is not required) - Ability for Incident command to continue in final stages of incident once the ICU has been relieved. Similar to the start of an incident, where this continues on the MDT. - Once incident has been created this is shared across all systems so that no data is lost. - Should a crew be mobilised for a re-inspection under a different incident the information can be linked. This must include last area or a summary of what has happened as minimum. - Once information has been added to the system this will be stamped, any adjustments to this will be visible and record changes captured. - Ability to upload images in to the incident log( either via the MDT or in to a central location to add to this) - Must be compatible with the current MDTs and run on Windows 10 - The software will need to keep information stored for 7 years for audit purposes - The software will work in a way that the is no Speed and usability of the software - Must be compatible with current GDPR security guide lines.


Elli Nikolaou
Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service HQ, 92 Southfields Road
MK42 7NR

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Published: 3 Jul 2020, Receipt by: 10 Jul 2020