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Procurement and Support of Submarine Escape and Survival Equipment

1. The Department is using this Request for Information (RFI) to help inform the development of its strategy in procurement and support of submarine escape and survival equipment. This RFI provides an opportunity for Industry to comment on the outline requirements. This RFI is not a commitment by the Department to launch a formal procurement procedure. Background 2. The SDA is responsible for the procurement, in-service support and disposal of all Royal Navy submarines; ensuring that new submarines and equipment are delivered into service on time, within budget and at an affordable cost, and that in-service boats are maintained to provide capabilities to the Royal Navy, including the critical Continuous At Sea Deterrent. 3. Platform Equipment Delivery Team delivers reliable, affordable and sustainable support to marine systems and equipment to ensure it is safe, available and capable to support the Fleet and its other customers. 4. The purpose of submarine escape and survival equipment is to allow submarine staff to evacuate from a disabled submerged submarine, without assistance, in a safe and controlled manner. The intention of the equipment is to keep the escapee dry and protected from the environment during ascent, and to provide buoyancy, freeboard, and thermal insulation at the surface. Conflicts of Interest 5. The Department is required to take appropriate measures to ensure any future competition is not distorted. Any response to this RFI must indicate whether your response, or any part thereof, is commercially sensitive but we would expect not given the nature of this RFI and the need to maintain transparency across Industry. If you consider there is any potential conflict of interest, you are requested to raise this in advance of any response to the Department.

Ministry of Defence Abbey Wood
BS34 8JH

Contract value: 13000000

Published: 4 Jul 2020, Receipt by: 31 Jan 2021