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PME3637 - Market Sounding Exercise - Healthy Years Ahead Programme / Falls Prevention

This market sounding exercise is being undertaken by Walsall Council to obtain the views of potential providers on the procurement process and possible future strategy for the following project: o Healthy Years Ahead programme / Falls Prevention Walsall Council is commissioning the 'Healthy Years Ahead' Programme to promote and support good physical and mental health and wellbeing in the general middle aged and older population. The aim is to ensure all adults from middle age, understand the practical healthy lifestyle choices and other steps they can take (e.g staying active, maintaining good bone health, having regular sight and hearing tests, looking after their feet) to improve their health and reduce the risk of falls and chronic illness or disorders in to later life. The focus will be on prevention and health promotion. This provision should support independence and self-help for adults from middle age, providing information, knowledge & training to enable individuals to make healthier decisions relating to their current and future health status. The service aims to reduce the risk of chronic illness and disease and further reduce the need for clinical intervention, hospital admissions and/or social care. If you are interested in providing us some valuable feedback so that we can take this into account for our procurement process please download the document on this record, respond to our questions and upload it before the deadline. Thank you


Stephanie Westley
Darwall Street
West Midlands
United Kingdom

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Published: 6 Jul 2020, Receipt by: 20 Jul 2020