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Consultancy Support: Social Economy COVID-19 Recovery

You are invited to submit a quotation for delivery of a collaborative exercise which works alongside partners to research the innovation and enterprise we have seen as a result of COVID-19 across faith groups, voluntary and community organisations, mutual aid groups, neighbourhood groups and the social enterprise sector and identify the opportunities for and post recovery. The West Midlands has been the hardest hit region outside London in terms of COVID-19 cases and deaths, and many reports indicate that it will suffer the worst economic and social impact in the coming months and years. The Covid-19 global pandemic and associated economic and social lockdown has brought profound impacts on global and national economies with far reaching consequences for regions, communities and individuals. In that context the West Midlands has seen an incredible response from mutual aid, faith and community groups, neighborhood groups and the social economy. From food distribution networks for those shielding to the provision of ICT equipment to facilitate home-schooling the response has been incredible. WMCA's Public Service Reform Directorate would like to develop a deeper understanding of the innovation and enterprise shown by the social economy in response to the pandemic, so as to ensure that the value of that response and the resilience of neighbourhoods that has been built can be harnessed for the long term. This will take the form of a piece of published research in the form of a summary report, which will: • Explore good practice across the region set within some form of analytical framework; • Identify a number of case studies showing different types of response and action; • Inform how we could learn from that practice and, in particular, the implications it might have for public agencies; • Set out short to medium term and recovery actions that should be taken as we move forward to the 'new normal' of a fairer, greener and healthier West Midlands.


Rachael Morgan
16 Summer Lane

Contract value: 30000-40000

Published: 6 Jul 2020, Receipt by: 17 Jul 2020