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Requirement description a) The Ministry of Defence require a contract to manufacture, test and package a capability under the name of Project 'EARTHLIGHT'. The capability comprises of polyHIPE; a combination of Polymers and a catalyst system. b) The specification and methodology to manufacture the capability has been developed and approved by the Authority and has been proven effective. It is now at a technology readiness level for production and packaging. c) The Authorities methodology is focused on small batch production. Therefore, the Contractor may be required to develop the methodology so it is suitable for larger batch production. The Contractor will be provided with the specific Polymers and catalyst system to use as well as a packaging specification to follow. Scope of procurement a) Development - The Contractor may be required to adapt/develop the Authorities manufacturing method so it is suitable for larger batch production, b) Manufacture - The Contractor will be required to manufacture the Capability in accordance with the specified Polymer and catalyst system that will be provided by the Authority. c) Test - The Contractor will be required to test the capability in accordance with a testing plan provided by the Authority. The Authority will provide guidance and assistance with testing where required. d) Package - The Contractor will be required to package the capability in accordance with a provided specification. Broadly, packaging will be a vacuumed packaged foil tube filled with polymer bags containing the polyHIPE capability. e) Meetings - The Contractor will be required to attend and facilitate project progress meetings with the Authority over the duration of the Demonstration and Manufacture phase. Estimated value a) £400,000 - £600,000. Estimated quantity a) 1500kg of polyHIPE capability packed into vacuumed packaged foil tubes. b) Full Operating Capability (FOC) is expected to be achieved in Year 1 of the Contract. The Contract will include options for additional procurements if required by the Authority Indicative timeframes a) PQQ release - August 2020 b) ITT release - September/October 2020

Abbey Wood
BS34 8JH

Contract value: 400000-600000

Published: 25 Jun 2020, Receipt by: 1 Dec 2020