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Air Source Heating & Hot Water Systems Installations 2020-22

Corserv Ltd on behalf of Cornwall Housing Ltd wishes to appoint two Contractors to undertake JCT Minor Works Building Contracts for the removal and disposal of existing heating systems, and to supply and fix new, fully controllable and energy efficient air source heating and hot water systems. New systems will be designed by the Contractors to achieve the design temperatures outlined in the contract documentation along with other Employer requirements and restraints. Properties included in this project are located in Cornwall. There are two, two-year (1 + 1) contracts with an estimated annual delivery value to be: - Year 1 (2020-21) of £450,000.00 per contract; - Year 2 (2021-22) of £450,000.00 per contract. Contract completion will be by the end of March 2021 (year 1), and March 2022 (year 2). The award of the Contracts will be on the following basis: - Phase 1 - Quality (50% weighting) and Price (30% weighting) submission assessment to shortlist three contractors. - Phase 2 - Installation (20% weighting). Shortlisted contractors will be invited to undertake a paid installation and will be assessed on the quality of their installation in line with the works information, compliance with regulations and guidance, and customer/client communication and satisfaction. The two overall highest scoring contractors (including Quality (50%), Price (30%) and Installation (20%)) will be offered the contracts.


Tim Hack
Corserv Head Office
Higher Trenant Road
PL27 6TW
+44 7968516752

Contract value: 900000-900000

Published: 2 Jul 2020, Receipt by: 23 Jul 2020