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The Supply Of Scottish Parade Wear

The Defence Clothing Team, which forms part of Leidos Supply Ltd is considering the requirement for the manufacture and supply of Scottish Parade Wear consisting of Kilts, Trews, Plaids, The estimated value for this contract will be between £1,500,000 and £2,000,000. This Framework will have a maximum term of 5 years (3+2 years with years 4 & 5 being an Option Period. Years 1 and 2 being Firmly Priced and years 3, 4 & 5 being subject to a VOP clause). The maximum possible term of 5 years is considered justifiable in that the subject matter of the framework (Scottish Parade Wear) is considered highly specialist and tenderers therefore need to invest considerable time and expense up-front in training up apprentices specifically to become skilled in the production of these items. Feedback from the market has indicated that it is difficult to justify such up-front expense if the contract terms is less than 5 Years. Taking into account commercial considerations also, (specifically the possibility that a slightly longer term is likely to incentivise a winning Supplier to commit to MOQs for raw materials thereby increasing the potential for cost savings and price reductions) it has been decided to advertise the opportunity as a 5 year (3 +2) Framework. If this is of further interest, please register on our eProcurement system, Jaggaer: Bidders will be able to register on the system, and once registered they can express their interest on there. Should Bidders have any queries regarding the system, please contact the support team on the front page of the Jaggaer website, where it says 'Need assistance?', for help. Any queries regarding the tender itself, as opposed to the system, should be directed through Jaggaer's messaging centre.


Ceri Williams
Monarch Court, 8 The Brooms, Emersons Green
BS16 7FH

Contract value: 1500000

Published: 18 Jun 2020, Receipt by: 6 Nov 2020