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NHSX - Framework Agreement for Clinical Communication Tools for NHS Organisations

NHSX requires a Framework Agreement to be established for NHS Organisations to procure communication services. The Secretary of State announced that NHS trusts will be required to phase out pagers by the end of 2021 and to move to more modern communication tools. The agreed approach, therefore, needs to ensure that NHS trusts can award contracts to suitably qualified and experienced suppliers who can deliver against this requirement, whilst promoting innovation and delivering against a digital maturity model. The framework agreements together with connected call-off agreements will provide contract vehicles for NHS Trusts and Hospitals to purchase systems and services which are assured against the frameworks specifications and standards. The contract value for the framework is GBP 3m and the provisional intention is for the framework to remain open (valid) for 2 years with a potential extension for 12 months. The services provided under the Clinical Communication Tools framework will cover the following; Provision of applications, which will meet the business requirements, mandatory functionality and compliance listed in the short description of this notice. Mandatory functionality: - secure messaging, - image sharing, - staff directory [linked to the global address book], - calls. Compliance: - patient safety regulations, - GDPR and UK data protection, - NHSD SCCiO requirements for both DCB0129 clinical safety risk assessment and DCB01260 Clinical Safety Case, - NHS IG DSP Toolkit, - ISO 27001:2017. Associated services which are services associated with the implementation or optimisation of the application. Implementation support - training materials, - video/online/in app training, - 24/7 customer support online/in app/via phone, - online knowledge centre, - 1:1 remote training. Additional services which are an augmentation of the application provided by the supplier. Optional functionality - patient lists, - task management, - video calls, - ERP integration. Call off agreements awarded through the clinical communication tools framework may provide services to NHS Trusts and Hospitals. Services sold under the clinical communication tools framework agreement will generally be sold on the basis of software as a service (SaaS) with licences granted to customer users where appropriate.


Mark Harding
South Plaza,Marlborough Street

Contract value: 3000000

Published: 19 Jun 2020, Receipt by: 6 Jul 2020