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UKSBS CR20064 University Enterprise Zone: Final and process evaluation

***THIS IS NOT A CALL FOR COMPETITION*** This is a PIN notice for a Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy requirement. The route to market will be via RM6018 Research Marketplace DPS. What are the aims and objectives of this research? The aim of this research is to conduct a process and impact evaluation of the University Enterprise Zone pilot to determine the effectiveness of UEZs in increasing the commercialisation of high-tech innovation in a local area. The final evaluation is comprised of two main elements:   Firstly, the Process evaluation, which is designed to understand the process of how the policy has been implemented and delivered and to identify factors that have helped or hindered its effectiveness.   Secondly, the impact evaluation, which is concerned with what difference the intervention has made. At the interim evaluation many of the UEZs had just commenced operations which made it difficult to assess impacts. Furthermore, the tenant survey - designed to establish the additionality of the UEZs, had very low response rates. We are hoping to address these weaknesses in several ways:  Using telephone rather online survey methods, or a mixture of both. It is envisioned that this will boost response rates to the tenant survey. This, combined a larger sample population of UEZ tenants, should result in more robust findings.  Improved quality assurance of tenant contact details to ensure the most current, relevant contact details are held.   More time has elapsed since the establishment of the UEZ.  Accordingly, impacts should be more evident. This should be established in the annual tenant surveys to run between 2020-2023.   Econometric analysis of impacts (this requires a further feasibility assessment as is dependent on sample sizes and observable characteristics)  Case studies of UEZ tenants will enrich our understanding of how, if at all, and why the UEZ has had an impact. The longitudinal nature of some of the case studies will help to develop a narrative around the impact of the UEZs in growing businesses.      The objective is to successfully evaluate the impact of the UEZ against the metrics and research questions set out in the evaluation framework. The results of the final evaluation will inform future policy decisions on funding by providing evidence on whether UEZs are an effective intervention that increases local growth, business support and innovation. This notice is to inform of an Engagement Day for potential bidders ahead of a tender being issued. This Engagement Day will take place via Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing with the details provided further down this notice,on Tuesday 7th July 2020 at 15:00 (GMT). The agenda for the Afternoon: • Introduction and background to the University Enterprise Zones • The evaluation - Aims and objectives, methods, outputs, quality standards • The bidding process • Questions and Answers


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Published: 23 Jun 2020, Receipt by: 6 Jul 2020