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2048.383.EML.CTI.18 Large Welding Chamber

2048.383.EML.CTI.18 Large Welding Chamber for Titanium Castings The University of Sheffield invites Suppliers to participate in a procurement exercise in support of the following requirement: The Titanium Division of the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre's Castings Group has recently acquired the capability to produce Titanium castings of up to 1000kg Gross weight with a maximum physical envelope of Ø2.0M x 2.5M. The group, now wish to procure a rigid, constructed welding chamber to facilitate the welding of titanium castings in an argon gas atmosphere of sufficient size to accommodate the aforementioned envelope. The University wishes to contract with a Supplier offering an innovative and competitive solution in the development of such a facility. Tender Process: This Tender exercise will be conducted in accordance with the 'Competitive Procedure with Negotiation' process as defined within the Public Contract Regulations 2015 (PCR 2015). The process will be conducted in Stages to gradually reduce the number of solutions to be discussed or tenders to be negotiated until the University deems it is able to enter into a formal contract for supply. The full tender process is detailed within the First Stage Documentation for this exercise. Stage One: Invitation to Participate (Qualification) This document may be downloaded by registering and expressing your interest on the University's e-tendering portal Bidders wishing to participate in this exercise should complete the Standard Selection Questionnaire ('SSQ') and submit this prior to the published deadline. An assessment of bidders shall be conducted, to ensure there is sufficient capability and capacity to meet the needs of this procurement exercise, prior to the issue of invitations to submit an Initial Tender at Stage Two (2) of this exercise If you have any questions or comments in relation to this tender they must be submitted via the In-tend System, this can be accessed at Return Date: Completed submissions must be returned through the same e-tendering system. Closing date for return of Stage 1 documentation: 24th of August 2018 at 12 noon (UK time).


Mary Leverton
01142 771 747

Contract value: 170000

Published: 25 Jul 2018, Receipt by: 24 Aug 2018