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GB-Bristol: SHIPACQ197 - The Supply of a Representative Model of a QEC Platform

NOTE: This notice was updated on 25 July 2018 for the following reason: Withdrawal of scale, and amended length to centimetresThere is a requirement to provide a representative model of a Queen Elizabeth Class (QEC) Aircraft Carrier platform for use in steady state training at the Royal Navy School of Flight Deck Operations. This model is needed to help train Aircraft Handlers to plan and conduct aircraft movements within and on QEC platforms in preparation for sorties and recovery operations. These training aids must be fully representative of QEC flight deck, hangar, operating/safety systems and aircraft, that can be utilised visually and physically during Aircraft Handler career training. The flight deck scale is a priority and shall be 1:72 and will include correctly painted markings and lights. The model must be 400-500m in length and have a removable flight deck. The construction material is unspecified, but shall be a material that is hard wearing and can be painted and repaired. Representative aircraft, vehicles and personnel shall also be included.


Myles Holliday
Ash 0c, NH3
BS34 8JH

Contract value: 10000-113000

Published: 25 Jul 2018, Receipt by: 7 Aug 2018