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UK SBS PR18075 - Hawaii Offshore Drilling Project

CLOSING DATE FOR SUBMISSION OF BIDS IS 10th SEPTEMBER 2018 14:00PM (GMT) PLEASE DONT CONTACT THE BUYER DIRECTLY MAXIMUM BUDGET FOR THE PROJECT IS $7,500,000 (USD) THIS PROJECT IS FOR SEABED DRILLING ONLY Client requires a marine drilling capability and suitable vessel to operate offshore for a drilling and coring campaign offshore Hawaii for up to a 2 months period between September and October 2019. This project is being proposed as a seafloor drill project only. This is in response to advice provided to the customer by a variety of agencies. These agencies have advised that using a highly visible, vessel-mounted surface rig will add significant risk to the project in terms of public acceptance and successfully obtaining a permit. The customer was also advised that the local populace is environmentally conscious and has the added complexity of having indigenous cultural sensitivities and beliefs regarding the marine environment within sight of the shore. With that advice, the customer wishes to rule out a vessel-mounted rig solution. Diligence, the correct and fully serviced equipment and experienced and capable personnel are the key ingredients for the success of this scientific projects to continuously core below the seabed. This project only has one opportunity to achieve the scientific goals. It is therefore paramount that diligence in all aspects of the project are undertaken, from planning to implementation to maximise this once off opportunity. The client requires marine drilling/coring capability that can, on a routine basis, continuously rotary core from sea floor to 150m below seafloor. As part of this capability a dynamically positioned vessel suitable for the drilling system and space for a suite of client containerised laboratories and client personnel and is permitted to work in Hawaiian waters, is also required


Allan Norman
Polaris House
North Star Avenue

Contract value: 4600000-5720000

Published: 26 Jul 2018, Receipt by: 10 Sep 2018