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Production Survey in the South of West England Forest District

Forest Research is seeking tenders for the carrying out of a production survey in the South of West England Forest District. Production survey plots will be established following one of the method options and based on both the Forest Mensuration handbook 2006, the Forestry Commission Field Guide for Timber Measurement 2008 and the Forestry Commission Survey Handbook, 3rd edition 2007. There are 2 options for data collection available for this contract method 1 - by tape and paper documentation plus input and calculation in an Excel package, method 2 - electronic callipers. Only 1 of the methods will be used as declared by the contractor. Both methods will include: Possible sub-compartment stratification Plot navigation, numbering, recording grid reference and size choice - circular plots will always be used of the same size. Data collection to include: Species DBH Planting year Top height Possible A4 or A5 tariff details Specific comments about tree health, form regeneration coverage % by species Data processing to include: For method 1 - input and calculation using Excel spreadsheet and YC calculation For method 2 - downloading callipers and editing specific screens Data presentation will include: For method 1 -Completed, legible field maps, data sheets with any relevant U15 forms attached for each sub-compartment and a completed Excel spreadsheet for each sub-compartment. For method 2 - Completed, legible field maps with any relevant U15 forms attached and a .xfr file for each sub-compartment Biosecurity guidelines will be complied with. All paperwork will be returned to Forest Research Fineshade.


Liz Richardson
Top Lodge
Nr Corby, Northants
NN17 3BB

Contract value: 25000-25000

Published: 26 Jul 2018, Receipt by: 31 Aug 2018