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Driver records system

The London Ambulance Service NHS Trust is looking to purchase an electronic system that automates the process of obtaining routine checks on staff driving licences and acts as a central database for the records of the training schedule for each member of staff, in order to improve efficiency, ensure that the Trust adheres to a number of additional pieces of legislation that are due to come into force shortly and reduce the motor risk surrounding operating emergency service vehicles. The electronic system shall have the following functionality: - Automatically conduct checks on staff's driving licence details directly with the DVLA Record - Hold a record of when driver training was completed and identify when refresher training is required - Hold an internal driving licence record, where 'points' are assigned by specially trained staff relating to motor incidents and collisions. - Have hierarchical access rights, so staff records are only visible by the appropriate management chain - Have an easily identifiable 'dashboard' where managers can quickly identify those staff who meet the standards required, those due for action soon, and those who have failed to meet the required standard (e.g. an issue with the driving record, or out of time for a driving licence check) - Be able to develop the system for changing legislative requirements, and technology advances e.g. restrict access to a vehicle, or using blue lights when requisite training for blue light driving has not been met. The system will need to comply with all data processing requirements under DPA 2018 / GDPR and will meet the information security requirements covered under the Cyber Essentials Scheme. ( Organisations that have a system with this functionality or have the capability to design such a system are requested to make contact with the London Ambulance Service NHS Trust.


Kitty Whitehead
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Published: 26 Jul 2018, Receipt by: 8 Aug 2018