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Project Biodiversity Habitat Services (CPU 3145)

The project targets the citizens and visitors to DN (Derby Nottingham) Metro area, as well as increasing the ecological and biodiversity value of existing habitats. The improvements will open up spaces for nature, which, as many are by urban waterways, will facilitate car free pathways for people to enjoy in getting from A-B, making them accessible to all including women and men with mobility issues. Three of the five schemes go through areas of high-density housing and multiple deprivation. The work will increase variety for users making them more attractive to all. The project involves habitat management and creation on three separate sites in Nottingham; Whitemoor Nature Reserve, Beeston Sidings Local Nature Reserve and Kings Meadow and Birdcage Walk. Details of the habitats and services required are detailed below. The habitat management services are site specific, however are aimed at enhancing existing habitats, creating diverse habitat mosaics, increasing available habitat for protected species and providing access to wildlife. This project has been part-financed by ERDF and may be subject to conditions imposed by the funding body. The Contractor will be expected to comply with the relevant requirements and any associated regulations such as procurement, publicity, and eligibility criteria.


Michael Percival
Loxley House
Station Street
United Kingdom
+44 1158764837

Contract value: 25000-25000

Published: 26 Jul 2018, Receipt by: 27 Aug 2018