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Removal of Bodes on behalf of HM Coronor

HM coroners are independent judicial officers ('Crown Employees'), who are appointed, but not employed, by the relevant local authority. They are responsible for investigating violent, unnatural or sudden deaths where the cause of death is unexplained or unknown, and this includes certain deaths that have occurred in a public institution or in police custody. When a death occurs, and it is reportable to the HM coroner, there is a requirement to arrange for the deceased / dead body to be conveyed from the place of death to an appropriate mortuary facility, or other such location as authorised by HM Coroner or their representative, pending a post-mortem examination. if the death occurred in a hospital at which the/a mortuary is located then this is straightforward. However, most deaths actually occur in the community or at outside locations, and thus reliable and timely arrangements must be in place to move the deceased / dead body to the appropriate mortuary, or other location authorised by HM Coroner or their representative, as quickly as is practicable. Deaths will often occur in family homes, residential or nursing homes, commercial premises or in road traffic collisions, but can occur in any place (including prisons or in police custody). Timely removal is important as it can reduce any distress to the bereaved relatives or those present, and enables the police in attendance to resume other duties as quickly as is possible. Cumbria County Council is seeking suitable contractors to enter a contract for the removal of bodies on behalf of the HM Coroners within the county of Cumbria. The local authority has the responsibility to provide appropriate, timely and robust arrangements for the collection of a deceased when the death needs referred to HM Coroner for investigation. The Contract offered is as follows: 'The provision of the appropriate, timely and robust arrangements for the transportation of the deceased from the place of death to the nearest mortuary facility, or to a place specified by HM Coroner or any person authorised by HM Coroner. This includes the provision of the appropriately trained and proficient staff, vehicles suitable for the transportation of the deceased, and the appropriate equipment and/or resources to enable the appointed contractor to effectively carry out duties required'. This area of work is a very important function within the work of the HM Coroner and obviously of a highly sensitive nature involving potentially emotional and distressing situations and the movement of the deceased.


Lisa Measures
Cumbria House
107 - 117 Botchergate
+44 1228226298

Contract value: 40000-40000

Published: 30 Jul 2018, Receipt by: 13 Aug 2018