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Assessment of Fish and Shellfish Sensitivity to Predefined Pressures

The aim of the project is to obtain a database and report of an evidence based evaluation of the sensitivity of priority fish and shellfish species (Appendix F) to pressures according to a defined protocol documented in a previous report (see Pérez-Domínguez et al., 2016). The project will provide sensitivity assessments for a Natural England's priority list of fish and shellfish species (Appendix F), to standardised pressures arising from anthropgenic activities. The pressures were standardised according to their intensity at set benchmarks (reference points), and is detailed in the guidance provided for the Marine Evidence based Sensitivity Assessment (MarESA) (Tyler-Walters et al., 2018). Natural England requires the sensitivity of priority list of fish and shellfish to be assessed against the pressures at the defined benchmarks following the protocol developed to carry out assessments for Highly Mobile species (HMS) (Pérez-Domínguez et al., 2016). Natural England will require a completed Excel workbook (data tables), reports and the references used to assess species sensitivities in an EndNote library format.

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Published: 1 Aug 2018, Receipt by: 29 Aug 2018