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RSSB2723 - RSSB research into pantograph and OLE interaction - Expression Of Interest

This notification is to invite potential suppliers to provide information through an Expression of Interest (EoI) about potential research to be procured by RSSB challenges related to the pantograph, the OLE and the interface between the two. This EoI is intended to provide the supplier community with insight into the current thinking and provide the opportunity for suppliers to influence the prioritisation and focus of future research. As such this EOI seeks to enable suppliers to: • understand the research ideas identified; • provide information regarding any pre-existing work suppliers may be aware of to inform project development; • support the understanding on the impact the research may provide to industry; and • register their interest and capability for a specific research area should RSSB decide to commission it for delivery. To feed into the process, EoIs should be received by COP 13 August 2018. Background The Vehicle/Train Energy System Interface Committee (V/TE SIC) assists the rail industry in evaluating and managing the key power supply system interfaces. It also identifies losses, and likely remedies, in the energy transmission system; promotes more efficient energy use; and develops longer-term, sustainable energy strategies. V/TE SIC has identified a series of knowledge gaps and has engaged with RSSB to look at options for addressing these gaps through research. Scope of work Specific scopes of work will be defined and this engagement activity is expected to influence the approach. The ideas currently under consideration are displayed on the diagram on the following page which was developed by V/TE SIC. To be taken forward projects will need to be identified and developed which have the following characteristics: • Identifies and targets a significant knowledge gap for the industry • Requires cross industry collaboration for the research and the likely implementation • Has a high likelihood of implementation by the affected stakeholders • Is expected to have a significant and positive impact on the rail sector We welcome support and ideas from the supplier community on what projects could be scoped to best meet these requirements. Timeframes At the point of developing this EoI, no specific project is agreed for development and delivery, but this process is expected to support the decision on the definition of projects to take forward. The first of the projects to come out of this initiative, assuming suitable projects are identified, would be expected to be tendered in late 2018.


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Published: 1 Aug 2018, Receipt by: 13 Aug 2018