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2. 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 2.8 2.9 2.10 KEY FEATURES OF THE SERVICES The aim of the Services are to promote independence, with a view to enable independent travel, to enable Service Users to build confidence and learn skills to use the options of using various modes of transport or walking to reach any destination safely. This shall enable Service Users to use all the options available in the Home to School Travel Assistance Policy which is currently the primary method of ensuring they access school, but be capable of accessing recreational activities of their choice outside of education. The Provider shall structure a Travel Training Programme ("TTP") with agreed learning outcomes which will be used as part of the basis of evaluation to measure the success of the Services. The overarching aim of the Services is to ensure that Service Users have a Personal Travel Assessment ("PTA") to enable them to travel independently. The Services shall provide opportunities for Service Users to acquire the skills to travel independently to their education setting and recreational activities of their choice outside of education. The Provider shall conduct an initial assessment ("Assessment"). This Assessment shall include establishing if the Service User has a concept of, but not limited to: - handling money; - Oyster Card (applying, topping up, keeping Oyster Cards safe etc.); - appropriate behaviour; - road safety; - identifying landmarks; - communication skills (including, how to deal with difficult people); - travel skills (how to deal with delays / unexpected rerouting); - personal safety; and - literacy and numeracy skills. The Assessment shall also include an individual Risk Assessment, Personal Assessment and the development of a PTA. The PTA shall include reviews of the Service User's Independent Travel Plan ("ITP"). Where appropriate the Service User and their parent(s)/carer(s) shall be assisted in obtaining a Freedom Pass or an Oyster Card (either under sixteen (16) or sixteen (16) plus). The Provider shall enable and empower Service Users to be independent travellers wherever possible and, in cases where this is not possible, to achieve their individual potential through supported travel.

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Published: 1 Aug 2018, Receipt by: 28 Aug 2018