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Market event for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Screening Programme(s) in South London and areas of East Surrey and Surrey Downs CCGs

NHS England (London Region) would like to invite providers to attend a Market Engagement Event to allow the Authority the opportunity to showcase the project and seek feedback to inform NHS England's approach to commissioning the Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Screening Programme(s) in South London and areas of East Surrey and Surrey Downs CCGs, and to explain some of the learnings from the previous procurement. The previous procurement was unable to identify a suitable provider for the South so interim measures were undertaken, in line with Standing Financial Instructions. It is now necessary to conduct the full re-procurement of the service in the South. Public Health Section 7a Commissioning Intention supports the ambitions to improve health outcomes, tackle inequalities and secure best value for money. It is with these intentions that the AAA Screening will be re-procured. The AAA Screening Programme (AAASP) aims to reduce AAA related mortality by providing a systematic population-based screening for the male population during their 65th year and, on request, for men over 65. The Market Engagement Event will be held on Thursday 6th September 2018 at Avonmouth House, 8 Avonmouth Street London SE1 6NX - 10.00 to 17.00. Please note that the market engagement will take a two phased approach; 1. Online Survey - to be completed - 2. Market engagement event (face to face) Places are restricted so attendees are limited to no more than 3 persons per organisation. NHS England would advise that organisations wishing to take part should bring attendees from a selection of disciplines to gain the most benefit from this event (including disciplines such as clinical, management and contracting). The opportunity will be open to the entire market. To reserve your place(s) please complete the attached form and ensure it is submitted by 17:00 on 3rd September 2018. Please note this is purely a market assessment exercise to gather market feedback to inform NHS England's future procurement. Any subsequent procurement for these services will be advertised separately and all organisations wanting to participate will need to respond to the procurement advertisement as and when published. Please be advised that it may be necessary to share attendee contact details with the bidding market who may wish to form alliances in order to bid. To facilitate this you are asked to confirm whether you agree to NHS England and/or NEL CSU sharing your organisations contact details with bidders in this project who wish to form partnerships, consortia, alliances, subcontracting or other relationships when bidding. The attendee registration form should be used to confirm your position on this matter.


David Singleton
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Published: 10 Aug 2018, Receipt by: 3 Sep 2018