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KGV Splashpad

Melksham Town Council invites companies to supply competitive quotes for the supply of the following: a water Splashpad facility/zone for its King George V Park, in Melksham. - All bids should include separate costs for the additional pathway and paved area outside the Pavilion leading past the Splashpad to the existing pathway on the left-hand side of the drawings. - The area will be segregated from the remainder of the park, and the adjacent proposed play area by bow top fencing. A bid showing this fencing as an optional inclusion would be welcome. - The splashpad area will measure an area of approximately 120m2, although the exact size will clearly be dictated by the designs and costs submitted. - It is likely due to project costs, the Splashpad surface will be concrete, though the views of your company, and options for alternatives would be appreciated. - The Splashpad will have surface mounted water jets, and some above ground water features. It is hoped that any design would incorporate these features in a fully accessible way to accommodate the needs of the wider population including those with disabilities. Costs may restrain the number of features, especially those above ground. - The Town Council have fully considered a full recirculation system (i.e. with filters and chemical doing), a 'once used' or through system (i.e. water in and down the drain), and also a 'Once Used' system with combined grey water recycling tank thus allowing water to be used elsewhere (irrigation of plants). The Town Councils preference is for a 'once used' system with the addition of a grey water recycling tank. It is understood that a grey water tank of 10,000 litres is required together with a bowser take off point (pump as necessary). The preference is for the tank to be situated below ground although the Town Council welcomes the view and guidance of specialist design companies on such technical requirements and matters. - In addition to the capital cost to install the facility, ongoing revenue costs are required (i.e. water, chemical, electricity). - In terms of timescales, the Councils aim is for the facility to be operational in time for potentially Easter 2019 but certainly the start of the school summer holidays 2019. - Designs and installation costs must also include projected annual revenue costs (for a typical season 12weeks opening) plus costs associated with any pre-season and post-season maintenance work (i.e. annual maintenance requirements).


Debbie Bentley
The Town Hall Market Place
01225 704187

Contract value: 100000

Published: 21 Aug 2018, Receipt by: 14 Sep 2018