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Audit Managment Software Solution

Oldham Council ("the Council") is seeking a vendor to provide an Audit Management Software Solution with implementation services for the Internal Audit and Counter Fraud Team ("the team"), which currently consists of approximately 10 users. Internal Audit projects are conducted to evaluate policy compliance, operational efficiency and controls, cost savings, information technology, security, and other areas as needed to minimize risks. The audit programme covers all areas of the Council's business. The Internal Audit and Counter Fraud Section requires a fully functional solution. The vendor will be required to provide training on the proposed system as well as on-going support and service including system upgrades, fixes, and enhancements. The proposal will encompass all requirements to automate the audit process including risk assessment, electronic work papers, project and management reporting, issue tracking, project scheduling, time recording and a documentation library. Before the structure and content of the Project is finalised, the team would like the marketplace's view of the proposals. This is because the marketplace has skills and experience to ensure that the Project is a success. The aim of the questionnaire and of canvassing the views of the market is to: • ensure that the aims of the Project are realistic and achievable; • allow the marketplace to assist to some extent in the planning and shaping of the Project; and • ensure that the ambitions of the Council and the team are delivered and fulfilled in the most effective manner.


Dan Cheetham
Unit 13
Link Business Centre
United Kingdom
+44 1617703721

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Published: 20 Jun 2018, Receipt by: 20 Sep 2018