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(NU/1328) Newcastle University Test Rig, Reactor and Environmental Chamber Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)

The School of Engineering at Newcastle University invites bids to join a Dynamic Purchasing System it is establishing for the provision of gear and lubricant testing equipment, chemical reactors for energy research and railway bogie testing chambers and equipment. Note this is not a tender opportunity, it is to enable the University to pre-qualify suppliers who will then be capable of tendering for our requirements as and when they arise. There will be 6 equipment Lots on this DPS: 1. Back to back testing equipment 2. Chemical Reactors for Energy 3. Excess heat recovery and utilisation systems 4. Energy conversion equipment 5. Environmental monitoring chambers for railway bogies 6. Railway braking systems based on Linear Induction Motor technology Suppliers must indicate which Lots they are applying for in this initial DPS Round. This DPS will be for a 4 year period, commencing 1st August 2018. More detail can be found in the DPS Invitation document which can be found by registering your interest and accessing the the DPS event, which can be done at:


Dave Anderson
Newcastle University
Procurement Services, Kingsgate
+44 1912225360

Contract value: 2000000-2000000

Published: 21 Jun 2018, Receipt by: 23 Jul 2018