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GB-Bath: IAAPS Business Process Mapping and Associated Support

The University of Bath is in the process of setting up the Institute for Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems (IAAPS), a £60m investment at the Bristol and Bath Science Park. Building on a 40 year track record of delivery, IAAPS will be a world-leading centre of excellence for research and innovation into future advanced propulsion systems. Industry, academia and government will be collaborating in an open innovation environment; the catalyst to develop future generations of ultra-low emission vehicles. IAAPS will be providing R&I services to a range of automotive clients using a set of 16 specialist test cell facilities. Key to delivering excellent research & innovation outcomes will be the effective utilisation of this range of facilities through maximising the efficiency of operational business processes. The IAAPS team are therefore seeking an experienced partner to support a review of operational processes across the complete range of R&I activity for IAAPS, including, but not limited to: -Lead management/demand management -Bid and quotation development -Resource planning, management, reporting - facilities and staff -Workflow and quality management - test execution etc. -Research Data Management -Provision of support services & SLAs e.g. IT, Legal, HR -Management Information reporting -Close out, invoicing & follow up The chosen partner will facilitate a series of workshops with a range of University staff to consider current processes and support systems, including any gaps and opportunities for improvement. It is expected that the chosen partner will clearly map out the existing and proposed processes, report outcomes and recommendations from the business process review to the IAAPS Board. Given the industry focussed nature of IAAPS, the University is seeking a partner with experience of test facilities in Engineering/R&I businesses to ensure that proven best practice is employed in any updated processes.


Lester Hayward
Claverton Down

Contract value: 25000-50000

Published: 22 Jun 2018, Receipt by: 5 Jul 2018