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UKSBS PR18098 Field Corrector Manufacturing

PLEASE NOTE: CLOSING TIME FOR BIDS IS 14/08/18 AT 14:00 HOURS. DO NOT APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE BUYER - PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED IN THE ADDITIONAL TEXT SECTION. - - - - - This opportunity relates to the manufacturing and supply of a Field Corrector required for the MOONS project. - - - - - The corrector consists of an air spaced doublet with both lenses made from same material. The first lens is a plano-convex and the second is a symmetrical biconcave in order to minimize manufacturing costs. The wavelength range for the corrector is 650-1800nm. The material to be used is Heraeus HOQ 310, a low-OH IR-grade Fused-Quartz. - - - - - Full details may be found via the Crown Commercial Services eSourcing Suite. - - - - - The Supplies covered by this procurement exercise have NOT been sub-divided into Lots, as this is for an individual requirement and it is not technically feasible to do so.

Polaris House

Contract value: 150000-300000

Published: 6 Jul 2018, Receipt by: 14 Aug 2018