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OS Supplier Engagement Event for Bespoke Optical Sensor Development

Ordnance Survey Supplier Engagement Event for Bespoke Optical Sensor Development. Ordnance Survey is looking for a supplier, or suppliers, to develop a small, lightweight, bespoke optical sensor capable of operation on an airborne platform. Several prototype camera and lens combinations have been tested to date and we have a good idea of the dynamics that the sensor will need to withstand to meet the needs of the specific application. We are looking for a camera manufacturer to help us build an operational sensor to deploy. There are several challenging aspects to the project which will need to be overcome and will require a dedicated R&D approach to developing a prototype, and then an operational system. The sensor should be capable of producing an orthorectified image of the ground, using an imaging system which can resolve at an angular resolution of 1.5 arc seconds. The image should have at least three bands - in the red, green and blue areas of the spectrum, and would ideally also have a near infra-red band. Ideally the sensor will have a minimum angle of view of 5.8 degrees. An ongoing relationship to develop future enhancements is required. These may include the development of multispectral sensors and the capability to produce stereo imagery. OS is holding an information day to share further details around the proposed contract, the way in which we are looking to engage with potential suppliers and to gain the markets feedback on our proposed approach. OS are keen to encourage engagement from groups of companies with complementary skillsets to submit joint proposals. Please see attached document for further details.


Hannah Lawless
4, Adanac Drive, Nursling
+44 (0)2380 055230

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Published: 2 Jul 2018, Receipt by: 24 Jul 2018