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Student Block Insurance

Durham University are seeking to appoint a supplier who can provide Student Block insurance for all of its accommodations across the University site(s). This product serves dual purpose of giving the student with license to occupy the room a level of contents cover whilst giving the University a level of insurance against damage to the room during their period of occupation. The University currently have 7,000 beds but this figure may vary over the contract however for year 1 - 1st September 2018 the University are looking at purchasing Student Block Insurance for 7,000 beds. The University requires that the successful supplier meets the following requirements: *provides cover for all rooms on the University estate that are identified by the University as residential accommodation; *cover provided must insure the University against damage to its rooms during the period of student occupation; *the cover should give a basic level of contents room cover to the student occupier; *personal liability cover level must be included in the policy; *occupants should not have to take any action to receive the basic level of cover; *provide advice, support and guidance to students regarding the level of appropriateness of their cover. Durham University will promote and advertise that insurance cover is in place but not answer any detailed questions about the cover specifics from students. Students will be referred to the successful supplier to respond. Suppliers will be required to provide a proposal detailing what insurance they can offer the University to ensure it maintains tenants liability cover while also incorporating a basic level of personal liability cover for students. The students may wish to take out additional insurance direct with the supplier and this will be handled direct between the student and the supplier without any involvement from the University. If you wish to express an interest in this tender please click on the following link:


Steven Carter
Procurement Service, Mountjoy Centre ,Hawthorn Wing
Stockton Road

Contract value: 120000

Published: 3 Jul 2018, Receipt by: 26 Jul 2018