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Liverpool Schools Outreach Programme Framework

This is an early market engagement for the Liverpool Schools Outreach Programme Service for Primary School Consortia covering special education needs services under the following Categories and Sub- Categories: 4 main Categories; 1. Cognition and Learning 2. Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties 3. Communication and Interaction 4. Sensory and/or physical needs Sub categories; 1. Assessment/Identifying need 2. Direct pupil teaching/therapy 3. Whole school activities/training 4. Family & additional activities This project aims to help solve commissioning problems within this market by setting up a Framework which will act as a marketplace for schools to procure these services and develop the local provider market for both organisations and self-employed qualified professionals within the region.


Paul Christie
4th Floor
Cunard Building
L3 1DS
+44 1512330591

Contract value: 2000000-2000000

Published: 25 Jun 2018, Receipt by: 25 Sep 2018