Oscar Research Limited

Data Transparency Statement and Information Notice

As a compiler of Public Sector organisations, structures and contact data, we are committed to ensuring compliance with all appropriate UK and European privacy and data laws and beyond these to providing an open and transparent exchange of information with and to Public Service organisations.

The following statement and notice combines the necessary aspects, interpretations, disclosure and considerations relating to domestic and european guidance and legislation. Including, but not limited to, that from the UK Information Commissioner's Office, The Data Protection Act 2018, the 2016 EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and UK GDPR 2021.

Who are we

Founded in 1999, Oscar Research is based in Devon with additional research offices in Wales and Northumberland. We employ 18 people, many with Public Sector backgrounds and all experts in their respective fields of Public Service.

Purpose of Processing Data: We maintain a database of Public Service organisations as well as their elected representatives and senior internal management structures, posts and responsibilities for the purposes of; Public Reference, Governmental Research, Stakeholder Engagement, Third Sector Engagement, Communication and PR, Organisational identification for assessing financial compliance and fraud and the basis for Public Bodies and their Suppliers and Service Providers to promote events and services to relevant organisations and posts within Public Services. Parts of the data we hold are used within the following sites and services::

Public Sector Network (PSN) - www.public-sector.co.uk - Free news and information resource for everyone in Government and Public Services.

SYT / Oscar Platform - www.surfyourturf.co.uk and www.publicsector.co.uk - Map based directory of UK Public Service organisations for use by the Public, Public Bodies and Service providers.

Oscar - www.oscar-research.co.uk - Market Research and Communication services and data for Public Services and its Suppliers and Service Providers.

Our data is used extensively across Central Government Departments and Agencies, Local Authorities, Colleges, Universities and NHS Bodies as well as service providers, suppliers and other bodies providing public services. Including, but not limited to:

  • The Local Government Association
  • The Cabinet Office
  • Office for National Statistics
  • Ministry of Defence
  • University of London
  • University of Central Lancashire
  • Birmingham University
  • Essex County Council
  • Liverpool Council
  • Chelmsford Council
  • Lincolnshire Police
  • Humberside Police
  • Hertfordshire Council
  • East of England NHS
  • The BBC
  • Experian
  • Experian Business Compliance
  • Building and Research Establishment
  • Data Controller and Data Protection Officer: James Williams - 0330 128 9892

    Methodology and Frequency of Research

    We make all reasonable attempts at re-verifying and updating each organisation and all related structural and management data every six months. Though due to reorganisations, mergers and restructures this is not possible in every case.

    For Elected Representatives and senior staff representing Public and Public Service Bodies, a significant proportion of updating and validation is done via official websites and via direct requests and communication with the bodies represented.

    For larger Public Bodies, all the data we hold pertaining to a given organisation and its structure is sent with a Public Sector Network covering letter explaining our services and the purpose of data collection and storage to either a senior post holder or an employee nominated by the organisation every 6 months, either by email or post according to past preferences. Responses are then actioned and stored.

    For smaller organisations or where no response has been possible from the request detailed above, organisations are called by our Public Sector Network (PSN) research team. Often the bulk of the information held is verified/updated by one, or a small number, of people (typically at switchboard/receptionist level in smaller organisations and within a central department in larger organisations) within the subject organisation to save the time of each department and/or post holder and to help try and ensure a level of efficient accuracy. In each case we identify ourselves as calling from PSN and provide details of the PSN website which includes a prominent link to this document.

    Beyond our scheduled six monthly cycle of research, we are alerted to organisational, structural and post holder changes on a regular basis by data users, in particular by our users within Local and Central Government bodies and Universities.

    In accordance with the relevant data protection provisions we process all information upon receipt of the data from the information holder and the assumed authority of that individual within the relevant organisation to have the authority to share the data of the individuals within that organisation.

    Storage of Personal Data

    Information Held: We include the names of those people holding the posts (post holders) and the official and/or corporate email addresses connected with the post holder.

    Legal Basis: Personal data is held where it has met one or both of the following conditions.

    1. Following disclosure from the post holder in question or from other employees within their organisation, either by post, email or phone.

    2. Where the personal data elements relating to the post holder have been published by the employing organisation or another part of Government.

    Post holder data is not shared publicly and only disclosed to third parties where it meets the necessary conditions and tests of legitimate interest and relevance (further details below). Post holder data is recorded and used to ensure effective and efficient communication with the organisations, posts and responsibilities listed. No sensitive personal data, or anything relating to an individual's preferences or personal life is held or recorded.

    Storage and Security: All personal data is held securely on a dedicated server with all levels of reasonable security employed, including password and IP protection. Internal access is limited to our researchers and employees by relevance. Our employment contracts preclude the offsite storage or transfer of all data held by Oscar Research.

    Entry controls. Any stranger seen in entry-controlled areas will be reported.

    Secure lockable desks and cupboards. Desks and cupboards should be kept locked if they hold confidential information of any kind. (Personal information is always considered confidential.)

    Equipment. Data users must ensure that individual monitors do not show confidential information to passers-by and that they log off from their PC when it is left unattended.

    Retention Period: Post holder data is subject to our research procedures (further details within this document) and on average is reconfirmed, validated or changed every 6 months. The maximum period for storage without securing a reverification or update is 2 years.

    Data Export and License

    Any data shared is in compliance with the Information Commissioner's Office Checklist published, our Terms and Conditions and this Data Transparency Statement and Information Notice

    In all cases the rights of the individual whose personal data is associated with a post listed on our database is considered and put in the context of both reasonable expectation of those fulfilling senior, important, budget holding and influential roles within Public Bodies/those providing Public Services and those rights and legitimate interests of other Public and Commercial Bodies who wish to discuss aspects and responsibilities of the roles directly or to provide details of relevant documents, events, services and publications that will be beneficial to the Post Holders.

    No personal data is ever sold to third parties and where any personal data relating to a post holder is licensed for a set period or purpose for use by an Oscar Research client (user) a consultation with the user is made available to ensure suitability, and in addition, the following conditions relating to direct communication with a post holder must be met;

    A copy of the full terms and conditions issued to all Oscar data users can be seen at - https://www.oscar-research.co.uk/info/terms

    Where requested by post holders, users must provide details of Oscar as the source of the personal data used and provide a link to this document.

    Transparency, Rights, Updates and Preferences for Post Holders

    Our services are only possible with the kind cooperation of both Public Service organisations and their staff. Without which, neither our business or the services we provide would be viable. We hope that the openness of our data to the post holders listed and the opportunities and information offered by Oscar and itís users are both valuable and useful to those concerned.

    All post holder data held can be accessed for free at www.public-sector.co.uk by anyone employed within a Public Body. Sign in through the website or email us at info@public-sector.co.uk if you require a copy of your access details sent to you.

    Please use the same email address if there are changes needed to any organisational or post holder data. These will be actioned and a confirmation email will be sent.

    If a post holder would like more information about how we obtained their information or would like their name and/or email address removed from the Oscar database, please email us at info@public-sector.co.uk - including your name and the organisation you work for or make a request by post to: Oscar Research Ltd | Suite 10 | 42-44 The Terrace | Torquay | TQ1 1DE. We will review the data held and respond with the appropriate information and a list of preference options, including limiting access to the personal data in question or complete removal, according to the post holder's wishes.

    When receiving telephone enquiries, we will only disclose personal data we hold on our systems if the following conditions are met:

    If an individual has engaged with the Company but is still dissatisfied, they are free at any time to raise concerns and/or complaints of any alleged breaches with the Information Commissioners Office either by phone 0303 123 1113 or by visiting their website https://ico.org.uk/concerns/.